January 2020

January has started with reading the books given to me over Christmas, doing my tax return (now done), tidying the studio, catching up with admin for the Black Swan Guild and for the Frome Open Art Trail. Also meeting up with the Artists 303 group in ACEarts to discuss our next exhibition in the summer and updating my profile on their website.

January is a time of considering my direction and commitments for the next few months. Firstly I am looking forward to continuing my commission for a client in

Cranmore, unfinished Sept 2019

Canberra which is a compilation of houses with the church and village pond in Cranmore. A large canvas of 3′ x 4′ and quite a bit of detail to add to the buildings and definition to the ground and pond.

I am running a workshop for the Taunton Art Society in February on painting an illustration from a story or poem.

The next exhibition for the Guild will be in the Round Tower in Frome during May, with the theme yet to be agreed.

Meanwhile, I’ve taken a couple of walks in the late January sunshine on White Sheet Down. A friend has commissioned a painting of one of her favourite local views, so I have taken a good selection of photos for reference.

I am planning to keep up with my online galleries this year by refreshing them more often, and may consider taking a stall in an Art Fair.


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November & December

The autumn colours have come and gone and now Winter is officially here with bright cold days. November was a month of painting and preparing for the Black Swan Guild’s Small & Mighty.

‘Crescent Moon Bear 1: Fear’,  30 x 29cm  Acrylic ink

Having decided to do a number of illustrations for the story called The Crescent Moon Bear, I realised that 8 pictures were needing to be done. I chose to do most of them in acrylic inks with a bit of collage hoping that would be a quicker way of working. In a way it was, but then I enjoy doing detail too!

Amongst the painting and prep we missed fireworks cos of the weather (they were cancelled), had a party (much house tidying) and enjoyed a wonderful day out visiting the Harry Potter studios!!!

The concept for Small & Mighty was designed by me and helped along by one of the Black Swan Guild members Jade Pinnell who works in cast glass. Painted boards have been used to display the selection of small paintings, with mirrors in between the boards. The exhibition continues until 24th December and has jewellery, glass, prints, cards, textiles and paintings for sale



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August and September filled up with preparations for SAW (Somerset Art Weeks) and the Black Swan Guild exhibition in the Round Tower, Frome. My paintings were shown at the Old Stores in Evercreech which was full of an eclectic mix of art & craft. Plus delicious cakes with a variety of teas.

Along with some members of the Artists 303 group I exhibited two new paintings in Taunton CICCIC. Here in Frome the Black Swan Guild exhibition BODY:art was well received with much interest and good feedback.

‘Entering the Forest’, Crescent Moon Bear series. Acrylic Ink on paper. c 40cm x 32cm

Now in October my focus has been on producing a series of sketches for the Black Swan Guild December exhibition Small & Mighty in the Round Tower. Using the story of the Crescent Moon Bear as inspiration I have produced a few acrylic ink works on paper. My aim is to have 9 of them ready to frame by mid-November. The Black Swan Guild now has some new members adding to the exciting quality of work from artists & makers, ready for our forthcoming exhibition: ‘Small & Mighty’ will be on in the Round Tower from 30th November to 23rd December.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes work is being done by the FOAT admin team on the Frome Open Art Trail, making sure everything is in place for the Call to Artists in the New Year leading to the Art Trail during the Frome Festival in July.

When I can I spend time on the commission of a compilation of 3/4 buildings from Cranmore, the childhood home of my very patient client in Canberra.




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The last few weeks have gone past rapidly: the Frome Open Studios Art Trail was enjoyed by all those who visited as well as the participating artists.

The Skeleton Woman series No 5: ‘Tangled Bones’, (Section)

Since then the Black Swan Guild have been preparing for the September Exhibition in the Round Tower in Frome. BODY:art will present works by the Guild members plus three guest artists. The exhibition will run from 6th September to 21st October and I will be showing three pieces based on the story of the Skeleton Woman

Firebird and Golden Apples, unfinished

‘Firebird and the Golden Apples’, unfinished. Oil on board. August 2019

The Artists’ 303 group will be exhibiting at CICCIC, Venue 27, in Taunton as part of the Somerset Art Weeks (SAW)- Contrasts: Old & New. In both exhibitions I will be showing two new pieces based on the traditional Russian folk story The Firebird and The Grey Wolf.

During SAW a selection of my paintings based around the theme of water, as a nod to the overall SAW theme of Silver, will be shown at The Old Stores in Evercreech, Venue 87. There will be a number of artists exhibiting so will be a worthwhile venue to visit.

Blackstone at Kimmeridge Bay

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June is turning into a busy month – I have finally started painting the commission from Australia, which I will work on over the next few weeks. Alongside there are paintings to finish for the July Art Trail in Frome or for Somerset Art Weeks in September.

Four paintings are going to the First View Summer exhibition starting on 15th June at Stourhead.  Including a new one of Cessford castle and of Old Wardour.

I have some new ideas to work on too, inspired by the Artists 303 on the theme of Contrasts. We’ve been asked to take a couple of older paintings and respond by making new pieces, and I think It may be time to add people or animals – while at Heavens’ Gate recently I sketched to the sound of howling wolves! No doubt waiting to be fed at the safari park.

Meanwhile, the new Black Swan Guild is finding its way including putting together a mission statement and a constitution. We have a second exhibition in September around the theme of Body or Body Art, so that’ll be a bit different! Maybe a wolf or two…

Preparations are going ahead for the Frome Open Studio’s Art Trail, part of the Frome Festival, 6-14 July. There are 23 venues this year with 6 artists at my house, and 64 artists altogether. The brochures have mostly been distributed and posters going up. And of course artists and makers are busy making sure they have their pieces ready for exhibiting.


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May started with the inaugural exhibition of the Black Swan Guild which continues til the 21st May at the Round Tower, Black Swan Arts, Frome. The newly formed Guild has 13 founder members and I have been chosen as Chair. The work on show includes ‘Heatherhope’ and ‘Re-emergence’.

‘Heatherhope’, Cheviots oil on canvas 3′ x 4′ 2016

‘Re-emergence’, Sydney Botanical Gardens 2016 acrylic on canvas 24″ x24″








Over last weekend I spent time at the Frome Art Fair selling cards, prints and paintings. ‘Orange Ground’ went to a happy couple of friends in Frome.

Now I am sorting through some much older paintings for an Exhibition in Mere at the Beaumont Gallery, raising funds for the Kilmington Church Tower – 25th May to 2nd June.

Also coming along soon will be the Summer Show at First View Stourhead, 15th – 30th June at which I hope to show two paintings.

Apparently St Abb’s Head is now twinned with fictional village of New Asgard from Game of Thrones….

‘Orange Rocks’, St Abb’s Head, acrylic on paper, 14 x 20cm 2016

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April 2019

March has finished when I spent most of the time setting the Art Trail brochure for the Frome Open Studios. Off to the printers on the 10th April with the brochures out in time for the Frome Art Fair on first weekend of May.

Early in March I sent a design to an Australian client who has requested a Heritage Painting of her childhood home, church and school house. Now I wait for confirmation so I can go ahead and do the final painting.

The Fifty bees III exhibition in the Brewhouse Taunton has been very well received, and is open until 6th April. Meanwhile I am preparing for giving an Art Demo on acrylic Inks in Yeovil.

‘Arcane Ruins’ Berry Pomeroy 2018

My painting ‘Arcane Ruins’ has been pre-selected for the New English Art Club exhibition at The Mall, so I will find out soon if it is to be selected!

At the end of March the 14 founder members for the newly created Black Swan Guild were chosen including myself. Works of high quality have been chosen from a wide selection of disciplines such as jewellery, wood carving, weaving, as well as paintings, which is unusual for a Guild. Now we work on setting the constitution, identity, roles, when to meet, etc. Our inaugural exhibition will start on the 4th May in the Round Tower in Frome, so much to be done. On the same evening as the Guild Preview I will be setting up at the Silk Mill for the Frome Art Fair taking place on 4th & 5th May! So will need to be mega organised!!

‘Castle Silhouette’, Laugherne, mixed media, 21 x 30cm 2016

My next event though is in Exeter for the WESC Foundation Weekend Art Show 13th & 14th April so I will be taking a selection of smaller paintings, prints and cards.

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February 2019

Now we are in February and my first 5 weeks of teaching about pastels in Trowbridge Town Hall is already finished. Much was learnt and all went away with pastel covered fingers and tables!

Blackstone at Kimmeridge Bay

The painting for the 50 Bees III Project is completed and at the framers, so will be ready for delivery on Friday, with the preview on March 9th. The Exhibition is at the Brewhouse in Taunton 9 March – 6 May.



Two of my ruined castle paintings have been pre-selected for the RI Annual at the Mall Galleries.

The Beaumont Gallery in Mere has asked me to join their group of artists and I will be concentrating on trees in the local landscape.

‘Early Spring Avenue’, Acrylic on board

One of my paintings has sold through First View Gallery, Stourhead where I will continue to exhibit from time to time, either ruined castles, packhorse bridges and scenes from the Stourhead Estate.

Over the next few weeks I will be working on a large commission featuring three buildings from Cranmore set in autumn. The work for the Frome Open Studios, including setting up the entries in the brochure will continue and I will be considering paintings on a theme of Silver for the Somerset Art Weeks in September. Then I will be exhibiting with the Artists 303 Group in Taunton.

There are a few Art Fairs along the way in Exeter, Frome and Poundbury, so much to do…… and I realise I have a number of existing paintings I would quite like to finish!





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End of 2018

High Power’, Ludlow, acrylic on paper, 2019

Over the last few weeks I have finished some paintings.

‘High Power’ is of Ludlow Castle, commanding the River Teme from the high promontory. It was the first stone castle to be built in England around 1066.

‘Under the Stones’, Harlech Castle, acrylic on canvas 2019


Harlech was built by Edward 1 in the late 13th century,  and keeps watch over Snowdonia seeming to grow naturally out of the rock. One of the most formidable in an iron ring of fortresses though it was taken by Welsh leader Owain Glyn Dwr in 1404.

In between I have been working on the Frome Open Studios – updating the website with copy and a new theme for 2019.

And having prepared a pastel drawing for my upcoming course ‘Urban Landscapes’ in January Trowbridge Town Hall, I am now ready to start work on  a painting for the Fifty Bees project 2019!

‘After the March’, Trafalgar Square, pastels, 2019


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October & November

Looking back through the diary I see that I did little in the way of painting with more time online and in the garden. At the beginning of the month I finished the Somerset Art Works Open Studios at Batcombe Lodge where I enjoyed spending time with Moxi, and meeting many visitors.

The Big Draw at Stourhead was a very cold rainy day unfortunately, though the artists set up their stations in the Gallery and enjoyed a day painting.

I spent some time with a few members from the A303 group responding to a still-life of colourful items. So good to work and chat together.

The Wokingham Art Group were happy to watch me demonstrating a painting in acrylics on board. I took the subject of trees from a photo taken at the Hirsel Estate near Coldstream with beautiful pollarded willows in apricot oranges – there is a lovely write up which can be found on the Wokingham Art Society website.  where you can see the colourful under-painting and the start of the actual painting! It is still waiting in a queue of half completed paintings though.

Planning to finish some paintings before starting on any new work – Harlech Castle with rocky ground is nearly done, then Ludlow Castle above the river….

Meanwhile, my focus has been finding new team members to enable the Frome Open Studios to take place again next year during the annual Frome Festival. We have a good enthusiastic group so putting ideas forward for our 2019 new look.

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