End of 2018

High Power’, Ludlow, acrylic on paper, 2019

Over the last few weeks I have finished some paintings.

‘High Power’ is of Ludlow Castle, commanding the River Teme from the high promontory. It was the first stone castle to be built in England around 1066.

‘Under the Stones’, Harlech Castle, acrylic on canvas 2019


Harlech was built by Edward 1 in the late 13th century,  and keeps watch over Snowdonia seeming to grow naturally out of the rock. One of the most formidable in an iron ring of fortresses though it was taken by Welsh leader Owain Glyn Dwr in 1404.

In between I have been working on the Frome Open Studios – updating the website with copy and a new theme for 2019.

And having prepared a pastel drawing for my upcoming course ‘Urban Landscapes’ in January Trowbridge Town Hall, I am now ready to start work on  a painting for the Fifty Bees project 2019!

‘After the March’, Trafalgar Square, pastels, 2019


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October & November

Looking back through the diary I see that I did little in the way of painting with more time online and in the garden. At the beginning of the month I finished the Somerset Art Works Open Studios at Batcombe Lodge where I enjoyed spending time with Moxi, and meeting many visitors.

The Big Draw at Stourhead was a very cold rainy day unfortunately, though the artists set up their stations in the Gallery and enjoyed a day painting.

I spent some time with a few members from the A303 group responding to a still-life of colourful items. So good to work and chat together.

The Wokingham Art Group were happy to watch me demonstrating a painting in acrylics on board. I took the subject of trees from a photo taken at the Hirsel Estate near Coldstream with beautiful pollarded willows in apricot oranges – there is a lovely write up which can be found on the Wokingham Art Society website.  where you can see the colourful under-painting and the start of the actual painting! It is still waiting in a queue of half completed paintings though.

Planning to finish some paintings before starting on any new work – Harlech Castle with rocky ground is nearly done, then Ludlow Castle above the river….

Meanwhile, my focus has been finding new team members to enable the Frome Open Studios to take place again next year during the annual Frome Festival. We have a good enthusiastic group so putting ideas forward for our 2019 new look.

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After a quiet August there is much to look forward to over the next few months! Firstly I am now at Batcombe Lodge for the Somerset Open Studios, Venue 159. We have had some lovely visitors and I have managed to complete a painting – the basement of a watchtower at Berry Pomeroy Castle near Totnes.

On 6th October I have been asked to be one of the artists taking part in The Big Draw at Stourhead.  I will be stationed somewhere in the grounds and hope to sketch and paint the view, or work on an alternative view if we are in the gallery cos of rain!

In October I am due to run a workshop for the Phoenix Art group in Bratton over 2 sessions using gouache with the theme of ruined castles.

And with thanks to the local art scene The Courtyard Gallery I have been asked to do a commission for an Australian client. The request is for a large painting featuring her childhood home in Cranmore as she particularly liked my painting style. It will incorporate a few other buildings with autumn colours. Once finished I will need to take it off the stretchers to post to Australia!

Also, I will be thinking of work to do for the A303 exhibition next year, plus I have been selected to do a piece for the Fifty Bees project 2019. My given bee is the Broad-faced Furrow bees which live in soft cliffs from Seaton to Kimmeridge on the Jurassic Coast. We have been asked to do a piece based on the habitat or ecology of ‘our’ bee.






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August has been a quiet month in terms of painting – mostly been away and starting to sort and the studio. Anyone want a lot of pen nibs for drawing?

Sorting the studio means finding unexpected items like a lot of oil crayons and a sketch sent to my grandmother from a Scottish artist Nancy Graham, plus far too many pencils and pencil crayons. And too many tables.

All in preparation for the Somerset Open Studios: I will be at Venue 159, The Studio at Batcombe Lodge working alongside Moxi Lovegrove.

I will be working on Berry Pomeroy 2a few unfinished painting such as this one of a ruined tower interior at Berry Pomeroy, Totnes. I started it for an Art Demonstration last year and I think the group would like to see it finally finished! It is gouache on paper. I will show the process of my paintings from the first idea, research and various stages to completion.

There will be drop-in mini workshops too in colour and composition using geometric shapes and coloured paper!!Coloured Squares

Ruined Tower interior, Berry Pomeroy


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The Frome Open Studios went well with around 300 visitors calling in to see the artists and their work at the house. We had Bridget Beattie and Kristen Vincent’s paintings, Quentin Fleming’s metal sculptures in the garden, Wendy Wood showing her glass and Bill Grant’s pots. Despite the very hot first weekend, the Art Car Boot, Tennis, Football and a the Frome half-marathon we were impressed by the number of visitors!

Hall Walls

‘Hall Walls’, Brough Castle 2017 oil on canvas 64 x 64cm

Two paintings were shown at the Ilminster Arts Centre in their Summer Open, now collected and waiting at home for another outing. Three are still at The Artizan in Torbay and I will go to see them on the last day before collecting them on the 17th August – unless they sell of course.

Coming up is the Somerset Open Studios, 15 – 30 September with the theme of Process. I will be painting plus offering some hands on work at Moxi’s studio in Batcombe Lodge, Venue 159.


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June has flown by with preparing for the Open Studios in July as well as spending time away from home. I’ve done little painting apart from starting one or two paintings for Art Demos though. My painting ‘Ancient Routes’ was well received in Broadway and as unsold will be on show at the Frome Open Studios in July.

Four paintings went into the Summer exhibition at the First View Gallery, Stourhead in June and maybe one or two will stay up during July and August.

Meanwhile, 3 pieces of work have been accepted by the Artizan Gallery in Torquay for their Open Summer Exhibition 12th July – 16th August.


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This weekend is the last for Jason Nosworthy and myself at East Lambrook Manor gardens, We have enjoyed exhibiting in a beautiful setting with rapidly growing blossoms and blooms. The paintings have been well received with interest from a variety of visitors, and has opened opportunities for workshops and art demos too.

Meanwhile one of my paintings was accepted for the Art Competition duringAncient Routes, Kingston Devrill the Broadway Arts Festival 8th – 17th June.

I am looking forward to doing an Art Demo on 31st May in Chichester when I will be working on a Castles painting in acrylics……

Meanwhile, the brochure for the Frome Open Studios is out and ready to view online too..


‘Ancient Routes’, Kingston Deverill 2018
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End of April

Quarter page advert for CRAWNow I am busy preparing for TWO exhibitions at once – not recommended!

Cloth Road Art Trail

I will be taking part in the Cloth Road Art Trail at Trowbridge Town Hall in the Court Room. My selection will be Castles and Packhorse Bridges – a nod to the Cloth Road.

LANDSCAPE – Light & Colour              Meanwhile over in East Lambrook Manor gardens I will be exhibiting with Jason Nosworthy. Both of us love landscape and colour – here I will be showing my Tasmanian collection of paintings.

The gardens are delightful being the original Margery Fish quintessential English cottage garden – well worth a visit.

Our Preview will be on Saturday 5 May 2-4pm – all welcome!

LANDSCAPE invite.jpg

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Route to the Sun

‘Bolter’s Bridge’

Having been asked to join the Artists 303 group I am now exhibiting three of my packhorse paintings at ACEarts, Somerton. Route to the Sun – considering the east/west A303, is the theme for the exhibition. I chose to concentrate on packhorse bridges essential for journeys over many centuries before travel by car.

Meet the artists on April 14th 2-4pm!


LANDSCAPE – Light & Colour

IMGP6450 (448x640)

Ruby Snow Gums

During May I will be exhibiting at East Lambrook Manor Gardens alongside Jason Nosworthy.

The exhibition will include landscapes from my travels in Tasmania with the vibrant hues of coral fern bright from recent rain to the soft hues of spring blossoms. Themes include rocks and hidden water: a turquoise cove full of pink rocks, a glimpse of water trickling under ferns into Dove Lake or the spray from Nelson Falls. The textured rich landscapes mirror the carefree yet managed riot of colour and shapes found in Margery Fish’s surrounding cottage garden. Feedback from a friend is that she would absolutely love to be able to walk into my paintings – at least that is an advantage with the East Lambrook Manor cottage garden!

Jason N 3 (383x400)

Eternal  Jason Nosworthy

Jason is a self-taught artist. He has a formal training in Landscape Design, dividing his time in the process of reproducing the landscape on canvas. Whether real or imagined, abstract or representational, his work is an innate response to his surroundings. In the broadest terms this can be seen as wilderness, or as a managed rural landscape setting, which is put through a filter and expressed in paint. Further to this, colour is used throughout in his work, heightening the senses and concluding in vibrant works of art.

April brings much to do with preparing for the exhibition in May.  I have been asked to run courses at Trowbridge Town Hall, do an Art Demo for Wareham as well as running a workshop for Warminster Art Society.

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Snow on the first day of March and settling in a sparkling white blanket! Luckily my studio is at the bottom of the garden, so not far to go to work.

'The Visitors'Along with Jason Nosworthy I am preparing for our joint exhibition upstairs in the Wells Museum with the Preview on Tuesday 13th March 6.30-9pm. We will be exhibiting local landscapes including one of my small favourites ‘The Visitors’. We both have a love of landscape and colour, hence our exhibition ‘Colourscape’ which runs from 14th – 24th March excluding Sundays.


Bow Bridge

Bow Bridge

Currently I am working on the last of 4 paintings for the Artists 303 group exhibition ‘Route to the Sun’ at ACEarts in Somerton, 17th March – 14th April. The Preview is on Friday 16th March 6-8pm.

This is the packhorse bridge in Bruton which used to be known as Bow Bridge – it is one of 16 remaining single span packhorse bridges in Britain. I liked the idea of journeys along old routes near to the A303 so have found some packhorse and other ancient bridges as subjects.

Courses & Workshops

From mid April I will be running two courses in Oil Pastels at Trowbridge Town Hall on Thursdays and Fridays – see link for more info. And from June a course on the Nuts & Bolts of Colour at the new Court Street Gallery, Trowbridge, which will be open from the beginning of May to coincide with the start of the Cloth Road Arts Week. Then planning some one-day workshops for August at the Court Street Gallery too.

Meanwhile, I am running workshops for art groups in Warminster, Silton (near Wincanton) and Wareham during the Spring. Plus helping with the running of the Frome Open Studios in July. Somehow I will find time to paint for the Cloth Road Arts Week and the exhibition in May at the East Lambrook Manor Gardens Gallery with Jason Nosworthy.




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