November & December

The autumn colours have come and gone and now Winter is officially here with bright cold days. November was a month of painting and preparing for the Black Swan Guild’s Small & Mighty.

‘Crescent Moon Bear 1: Fear’,  30 x 29cm  Acrylic ink

Having decided to do a number of illustrations for the story called The Crescent Moon Bear, I realised that 8 pictures were needing to be done. I chose to do most of them in acrylic inks with a bit of collage hoping that would be a quicker way of working. In a way it was, but then I enjoy doing detail too!

Amongst the painting and prep we missed fireworks cos of the weather (they were cancelled), had a party (much house tidying) and enjoyed a wonderful day out visiting the Harry Potter studios!!!

The concept for Small & Mighty was designed by me and helped along by one of the Black Swan Guild members Jade Pinnell who works in cast glass. Painted boards have been used to display the selection of small paintings, with mirrors in between the boards. The exhibition continues until 24th December and has jewellery, glass, prints, cards, textiles and paintings for sale



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