Studio 2009 (640x484)

Garden Studio, Frome, Somerset

Since first being able to hold a crayon I am at my happiest drawing and painting, which I am able to do in my garden studio. My work features elements of the landscape: trees, rocks, ruins and reflections in water. The emphasis is on colour, light and composition using layers of paint and glazing. I work in a variety of media including oils, acrylics, gouache, oil and dry pastels. My enjoyment in the process of creating paintings, often combined with a difficult struggle to express how I feel about the subject, results in a rich tapestry of colour and texture. My hope is for the viewer to be able to sense the passion, joy and vitality of my work.

Recently I have been exploring illustrations for traditional stories including the Firebird, The Skeleton Woman and the Crescent Moon Bear using a variety of media.

Paintings have been shown at the Royal West of England Academy, The Mall, Bath Society of Arts Open, and Southampton Art Gallery. My work can be seen at the First View Gallery, Stourhead where I am one of their regular artists.

Prints and cards of paintings are available from the artist on request.

8 Responses to About

  1. Hush Kit says:

    Hi Kate, It’s Luke Florio here. Your work is fantastic. Very beautiful. Will look at it in greater depth once I am less zonked out! Great to meet you today.


  2. Hello Kate, please can you send myself your e-mail. I loved chatting to you and your husband it was wonderful talking about our Overseas experiences. I like this web site too, hope to see your work at Stouredhead. Sorry to leave this on here because I would like your e-mail if you will give it to me GOOD lUCK. David.


  3. Victor Papai says:

    I enjoyed your talk at Kennaway House ,Sidmouth, yesterday evening and took a lot of new ideas from your talk. I am wondering which computer programme you use to adapt photographs to help with your paintings. Also what thickness is the birchwood face ply you use to paint on . Thank You


  4. Rick Fenimore says:

    Hi Kate, purchased a copy of your ‘Heaven’s Gate’ Mixed Media 2016 and would be interested in a print/picture to go on the wall above a radiator. Could you please get in touch to obtain one. Many thanks, Richard. (Bradford on Avon)


  5. Mavis Holdsworth says:

    Sorry Kate I don’t know how to get hold of you other than this email
    I’m workshop organiser for Taunton Art Group and after seeing your lovey work with trees I wondered if you take a workshops for us We usually have approximately 15 members for a Saturday morning workshop . I have a free date in 2019 .saturday April13th we usually start 9-30 till 12-30
    If you would consider this please let me know and your fee.
    Thank you in anticipation
    Mavis Holdsworth
    TAG workshop organiser
    Email. b.holdsworth797@btinternet .com.
    Landline 01823 253313


  6. Mavis Holdsworth says:

    Kate can you reply to my email re a workshop for Taunton Art Group


  7. Sallianne says:

    Hi Kate, Love your work, thank you. Where is Piersons.?the eucalyptus look incredible. My friends bought one of these and I’ve been hooked ever since.


  8. katecochrane says:

    Hi Sallianne,
    Pierson’s Point is somewhere south of Hobart, Tasmania, on the estuary – I would love to know which one your friend bought and where it is now?
    With Thanks


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