Studio 2009 (640x484)

Kate works from her garden studio in Frome, Somerset.Kate photo (488x640)

Kate’s work can currently be seen at the First View Gallery on the Stourhead Estate, Wiltshire, with landscapes as the main inspiration.

Paintings were exhibited in October at a joint exhibition ‘Colour in the Landscape’ with painter Annette Burkitt and glass maker Geraldine McLoughlin at the First View Gallery.  Kate also exhibited in the Round Tower, Black Swan Arts Centre, Frome during November.

A selection of Kate’s work with the theme of water is now on show at the Why Gallery (formerly the Good Gallery) in Frome. Paintings will be included in the First Gallery for the Wylye Valley Trail and in the following Summer Show. She will be exhibiting alongside Olivia Clifton-Bligh, Tanya Hinton and Tim Rose in ‘Quartet’ in October in the First View Gallery. Work will also be included in SAW at Castle Cary.

Kate has spent some time in Hobart, Tasmania exhibiting Tasmanian and Malaysian paintings through the Nolan Art Gallery in Salamanca, Hobart. Her laser-cut brooches and cards are sold from a number of outlets in and around Hobart.

Prints and cards of paintings are available through Thumbnail Media.

8 Responses to About

  1. Ann Warren says:

    Hi Kate just wanted to flag up the incorrect entry on 1st View’s website re your exhibition in October…you’ve been ‘given’ our dates (and we’re not mentioned). Left a message for Jane and hope she sorts it out but a call from you might spur her on?
    Ann Warren – Stop and Stare exhibition 20th September – 2nd October 2016
    Happy to hear from you if you have any queries…01749 813713

  2. Hush Kit says:

    Hi Kate, It’s Luke Florio here. Your work is fantastic. Very beautiful. Will look at it in greater depth once I am less zonked out! Great to meet you today.

    • katecochrane says:

      Hi! Thanks – it was good to meet you properly too! Last time was a while ago, and always an overload during the open studios. I’m glad you like the work, so look forward to meeting up again after OS16.

  3. Hello Kate, please can you send myself your e-mail. I loved chatting to you and your husband it was wonderful talking about our Overseas experiences. I like this web site too, hope to see your work at Stouredhead. Sorry to leave this on here because I would like your e-mail if you will give it to me GOOD lUCK. David.

  4. Ann Warren says:

    Kate, thank you but I would rather not to be included on your linkedin site…could you perhaps stop the request to join from coming through. I can’t seem to delete it as I am useless at sorting this sort of thing out…here’s hoping, Ann

  5. Victor Papai says:

    I enjoyed your talk at Kennaway House ,Sidmouth, yesterday evening and took a lot of new ideas from your talk. I am wondering which computer programme you use to adapt photographs to help with your paintings. Also what thickness is the birchwood face ply you use to paint on . Thank You

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